On Enthusiasm

Whenever anyone patronizes or belittles you for liking something, whether it’s something out of the mainstream like table top games or obscure SF shows, or something more in the mainstream like wrestling, or TV talent shows or soaps, you should feel sorry for them.

Because while they think they’re proving their superiority, what they’re really doing is shouting “STOP FINDING JOY WHERE YOU FOUND IT!”

They’re jealous of your enthusiasm. Poor dears.

Whenever you come across someone liking something you don’t care for, I’d recommend cultivating these responses:

“Hey, that’s not my bag, but don’t let me stop you! Tell me what’s cool about it!”

“Mind if I geek out about why I like this other thing for a while?”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I am utterly failing to get what’s great about it. And that’s not your problem at all.”

Yeah, all of these can come across as passive aggressive bullsh*t (PABS, for those keeping score at home), so grace and acceptance, at all times.

Enthusiasm and joy are commodities in very short supply. Let’s try to keep as much of them alive as possible.


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