Okay, here’s the deal…

You know who I want? A party with a sane response to the ongoing financial meltdown, a commitment to civil liberties and some sort of plan to stop us increasing the body counts (and bills) in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Cameron’s financial plans seem to amount to “sit on our personal fortunes and laugh at the proles”, will grant everyone the finest freedoms money can buy, and don’t mention the war. Labour pissed the boom years up the wall sucking up to the corporate interests that were always going to run back to the Tories when it started raining and claiming an end to boom and bust, are insane control freaks (“just a LITTLE more government and we’ll have this fixed, a couple of hundred more laws…”), and don’t mention the war. And no-one knows what the lib-dems planned economically, least of all them. Make initial good noises on civil liberties, but have caught the labour bug of not trusting the populace. And don’t mention the war.

So frankly, I’m “behind” none of them. Whoever gets in, the next few years at least will be worse than you think, no matter how bad you think it’s going to be.

Everyone clear where I stand now? Good.

Now like I said before, I expect either a Cameron minority govt or lib con agreement, but whatever happens, it’s likely to go into meltdown before September.

And I don’t want ANY of the current options.


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