Lulu Thankyou Note

Grrr, found that the thankyou note I wrote for LULU didn’t save at the weekend, just re-constituted it, and think it’s not bad, so I thought I’d pop it up here:

Firstly, THANK YOU for buying my stuff (which makes it, in a very real sense, your stuff now).

All my stuff is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license.

Which means that, as long as you’re not charging for it, you link back to me, and you release your stuff under the same terms, you can do what you want with it. Copy and give it to your friends. Copy it and give it to strangers. Turn it into a 7 hour opera cycle. Recite excerpts at dinner parties. Make a fan film and upload it to youtube. Make an audiobook. Make an album of ambient dub inspired by it. Use my embarassingly long character monologues as audition pieces.

Get Excited.

Make Things.

And if you want to make money out of it… well, drop me a line and get permission first. I’m a reasonable man, despite the stuff that I write.

One more thing… if you like my stuff, tell people. Lend the books to folks you think will like them. Mail them the PDF’s (I promise, I don’t mind, really). Blog, tweet, post and just plain talk.

And if you don’t like them… well, the most harm you can do is to not tell anyone. Because I guarantee that if you tell ten people that the book is awful, at least one of them will buy it.

And did I mention… THANK YOU!


Peter Darby


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