From Twitter 09-22-2009

  • 03:13:08: From Twitter 09-21-2009: 05:49:13: From Twitter 09-20-2009: 05:42:02: From Twitter 09-19-2009: 05:54:51: From Tw..
  • 08:37:49: @lucypaw Don’t get eaten by a grue!
  • 08:38:57: @Bang2write I was just hoping someone would start my day with a truly gruesome mental image. Thanks. Cock salmon. FFS.
  • 08:40:45: @EdOtherwise What, by the tories?
  • 08:47:34: Dammit, I DID manage to destroy the wrong livejournal posts last night…
  • 08:51:37: @JoelRonson *applause!*
  • 08:53:46: @GaryDelaney And however bad you are, you’re better than the last guy.
  • 09:02:30: @SaliWho (thumbs up)
  • 09:18:44: @jonnynexus Apparently, only if you tell the crim’s mum.
  • 09:18:55: @jonnynexus sorry, victim’s mum.
  • 10:01:27: @simonpegg Bigass, but decaff, since the restraining order. And no milk, gives me the squits.
  • 10:27:20: @Brownthorn As soon as they demonstrate that a child benefits from “full time” helicopter education, then they’ve got a basis to ask.
  • 10:28:17: @SaliWho It’s a one show style trucker’s gear change. #Radio4
  • 10:30:23: Question: is there any evidence that “full time education” is better for children than free range, do what you like when you?
  • 10:31:46: Question: is there any evidence that “full time education” is better for children than free range, do what you like when you like?
  • 10:33:30: @Glinner Are they the chuckle brothers?
  • 10:40:31: @SaliWho Is today’s story Heart of Darkness read by Joe Pasquale? #Radio4
  • 10:45:51: @Brownthorn It’s hot to be a girly swot. FFS. Because if there’s one thing bullies listen to, it’s governmental publicity campaigns.
  • 10:57:30: @EmmaK67 You and your fancy city ways.
  • 11:02:36: @jupitusphillip Only one way to sort this out….
  • 11:09:07: @jamesmoran wear an impressive hat. Important people always wear impressive hats.
  • 11:14:03: I may not be the next Sugarbabe, but I’m WELL IN to be the next Chas. Or possibly Dave.
  • 11:16:22: @bridd Which one’s the lardy one at the joanna, which is the streak of p with a guitar?
  • 11:16:41: @alexispetridis oh, Welsh psychopath is he?
  • 11:18:44: @jupitusphillip That’s enough of your sauce, young man #NotEvenFunnyWhenMyDadDidIt
  • 11:19:50: @IanAppleby Frankly, in any bloody way. Educational, emotional, social, psychological….
  • 11:24:46: @tweetminster Really? I Thought “strength and safety” were fascist values…
  • 11:55:20: In which I am a moron: Okay, this blog is now officially for Script Bashing; personal and HE posts will go ..
  • 12:27:16: @SpeedyJR If our best argument for schools is that they keep fagins gang off the streets…
  • 13:18:53: @thegodofallbens If I call it a report, it makes me feel all pro-feshnyall loik. And less likely to say “BESTEST SCRIPT EVAH!” or “FAIL!”
  • 13:23:05: Arse. Didn’t by my ticket for the Sugarbabes membership draw this week (with Chas and /or Dave bonus ball) h/t @michaellegge
  • 13:31:42: @AnneBillson Silliest criticism I’ve heard of BitSP: “But he wouldn’t have been allowed that close to the wire!” Oh, must be shit then…
  • 13:32:11: @CUnderkoffler Pffft!
  • 13:39:20: @Firequacker I like my women like i like my coffee. Bitter and slightly off the boil. Wait. No.
  • 13:40:08: @MerseyMal He should ask whether they’d take in a one eyed, overweight Griffin that no-one wants…
  • 13:49:35: Listening to prez prado. Mamboing on the inside.
  • 13:51:06: @JoelRonson Oh mate, what?
  • 13:53:19: @JoelRonson Phew!
  • 13:54:00: @JoelRonson (showing how old I am, that I feel relieved when I have a dull lunch…)
  • 13:56:50: @JoelRonson Fair enough.
  • 13:58:21: Our tune:
  • 14:00:04: @Bang2write only life coaching book I ever liked: and then that fell apart when I heard the guy talk. Brooklyn nasal.
  • 14:04:15: @Bang2write Note to self: do not use the title of that book in script report EVER.
  • 14:43:55: Someone once described Fairport Convention as more of a movement than a band. Why not Sugababes?
  • 14:47:00: @dave_turner I didn’t say it was a good movement. It is, lets face it a (steels himself)… brand.
  • 15:02:43: @AnneBillson Yeah. The best representation of the war years was ‘Allo ‘Allo.
  • 15:10:11: @AnneBillson I shall once again mention in passing how I dragged Vicki Michelle around a rehearsal room while she clung to my leg…
  • 15:24:17: @AnneBillson *boggle*
  • 15:37:22: @Bang2write not any more.
  • 15:38:29: @ruthiemossy I was constantly mistaken for a girl when very young. Now look at me. Jesus.
  • 15:42:01: @AnneBillson At the Wirral Show or on the front?
  • 15:43:47: @moviegrrl do tell, do tell…
  • 15:45:52: @moviegrrl I would not be at all surprised if he was….
  • 15:47:41: @moviegrrl Thinks: wonder if you know my other half’s aunt… (a whole 4 years older than me)
  • 15:48:49: @AnneBillson Probably part of the front, and thus knocked down or “went on fire” for the insurance years ago. So you WIN!
  • 15:49:14: @AnneBillson Well, some of them haven’t changed much…
  • 16:06:42: @Bang2write Being a druid, i don’t hail Mary, but I can go to Stonehenge and hail stones #PossessedByGroucho
  • 16:11:07: @dave_turner You or the characters?
  • 21:07:17: @jodiekearns Can’t “style” for size 12+? Then you’re a shit stylist. In a ridiculous fucking hat.
  • 21:08:26: Odd, you’d think that someone who is a top stylist would take care not to wear get up that emphasizes his extreme git qualities when on TV
  • 21:09:01: @Firequacker Pah, Leyton Orient did them 6-1. Only let them have one cause we felt sorry for them.
  • 21:30:46: Anybody got a good merseybeat and /or liverpool music playlist for #spotify?
  • 21:37:48: @SteveDoherty1 It’s never made them go broke before.
  • 21:57:31: Had it confirmed that I am one of AHEd delegation proposed to education select committee. Must teach self not to swear.
  • 22:04:34: @MerseyMal Brill, ta, will ask again tomorrow when more tweeps awake. #merseybeat
  • 22:08:09: @bridd @pendlewitch bricking it already. Not even had confirmation from select committee that we’ll be called.
  • 22:09:11: @BinaryDad Lots of planets have a copious supply of uppers…
  • 22:15:15: @Glinner DAMN YOU! I have writing, and reports and… ah well, having it on in the background can’t hurt….
  • 22:28:11: tweet off, head down, honest
  • 23:52:20: Sentimental old fool.: My partner will tell you, it can take very little in the way of sentimental media to get ..

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