Sentimental old fool.

My partner will tell you, it can take very little in the way of sentimental media to get me blubbing. Sometimes even a particularly well told joke, or perfect bit of plotting can bring a tear. Heck, I get misty at Inigo Montoya saying “I want my father back, you son of a bitch.”

Which is as much to say, it wouldn’t surprise those who know me when I nearly cried on a packed public train today over hearing a song on my mp3 player and thought “Oh, that would fit the funeral scene in Katz Curiosities perfectly.”

The track was Yesterday by Paul Mcartney (yes I know it’s a Beatles track, but none of the others are there). 100% mawkish sentiment. Smacked on top of a scene that only exists in my head and rough draft about a teenager losing her mum.

“Why she had to go, I don’t know, she wouldn’t say…” WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

And the projected budget in my head for this could probably afford Mike McGurk on a kazoo on the film soundtrack… so THAT’S not going to happen.

But it’s perfect. SO it’s in my head. So it’s there when I write Katy Katz next time.

Hope some of it comes out in the writing.

PS: Working title now The Sorcerer’s Soul. Apologies to Ron Edwards, but that’s the logical title, because that’s the mcguffin…


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