Just A Geek (repost)

(A response to this)

So, I went for a casting yesterday. Modelling job (I’m with the Ugly Model Agency).

Only instruction was “geeky”.

Now, that covers a lot of ground. Corporate Geek? Comic book guy geek? Trekkie?

I went for corporate. The other guy I met there said he’d gone for “Open university math lecturer circa 1978”, and hit it pretty squarely, I have to say.

Well, when I got there, the casting should have said “unattractive schlub”, because that’s what they are looking for.

(Incidentally, if folks want to hire me at reasonable rates to be an unattractive schlub, contact my agency. Seriously. I have no shame. Check my portfolio for proof.)

But the clients thought we’d be offended if they said unattractive schlub. They went to the UGLY model agency, and were worried they’d offend us. Folks, we signed that away when we joined.


But, but, but.

Apparently, it’s okay to say “geek” and know that everyone should understand “unattractive schlub”.

Geek is my tribe. We contain multitudes. We tend to be an inclusive bunch.

And some of us are seriously TEH HAWT. Hell, my brother is a pretty high up tools developer for Sony and a Wil Wheaton lookalike. How much HAWTer do you WANT, people?

basic script:”…The geeky guy flirts with her, she puts the book back, then takes out the product placement and finds hot guy…”

Please, when it gets made, make the hot guy dress geeky.

And, oh yes, if they want me, do you think I’ll take the job? £250 a day, possible two days shooting, and no obvious “THIS MAN IS UNATTRACTIVE BECAUSE HE IS A GEEK” signposting? Like. A. Shot.


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