Torchwood and Education Policy (slightly too big to tweet, spoilery)

Anyone else watch the scene where the, presumably education, minister argues away from a lottery to simply handing over the bottom 10% of schools?

Apart from "another good reason to home educate", I thought RTD had written a scene that was VERY plausible from the scraps we get from cabinet meetings… self interest, disregard of the populace, treating the poorer sections of society as a problem to be finally solved, self preservation (both physical and political) more important than principles or people…

Oh yes, and Kudos to RTD for avoiding the signposting of comparisons between that cabinet meeting and the arrangement for the Final Solution.

"If we can’t identify the lowest performing 10% of schools, what’s the point of league tables?"


(PS Nick Briggs onscreen! Impersonating Peter Mandleson, his scariest role yet…)


2 thoughts on “Torchwood and Education Policy (slightly too big to tweet, spoilery)

  1. As I work in education I agree entirely – the League Tables are worthless crap. BTW, a cut might be a good idea – the “I don’t want to be spoiled until it airs in the US” crowd seem to be in a lynching mood at present.

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