Old Broon’s Book of Impractical fat cats…

From my wee baby brother, though it’s starting to do the rounds……

He’s outwardly respectable (they say he throws his phone),
His cabinet increasingly consists of him alone,
If public purse is is looted or the pension fund’s been rifled,
Illegal wars are started and the nation’s voice is stifled,
Economy is broken and the Commons past repair,
Ay, there’s the wonder of the thing – Macavity’s not there!

Macavity, Macavity, there’s no-one like Macavity,
He’s broken every human law, he breaks the law of gravity,
His powers of false accounting would make a conman stare
And by the time the bill comes in – Macavity’s not there!

You may seek him in the Upper House, or some St Andrew’s Chair,
But when the rot’s discovered then Macavity’s not there!


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