Proud member of the Sewer Grate Photographing Tendency

Manchester man held for photographing sewer grates, despite apparently not even photographing sewer grates.

A story that lurches from Orwell to Kafka to Terry Gilliam…

As a home educator under the current government, I can’t help feeling sympathy. But it won’t stop me exploiting his story as a modern parable, maybe even a metaphor.

You see, the NSPCC and the government keep attacking home educators by using scare stories of people that either a) weren’t home educators or b) co-operated fully with the state and still kept abusing their children.

On the lists, one of the common metaphors is that, having found that a man in Berkshire hit his child, the government calls for 24 hour monitoring of all men in Berkshire.

I’d go further and say it’s as if the man who hit his child was a) under surveillance already and b) not even from Berkshire, just visiting.

So the government is assuming that I’m probably abusing or neglecting my child because I choose not to send them to school. So they want to come to my house to get evidence that I’m abusing or neglecting my child. And if they don’t find any, they want to come back in 6 months to look again.

The state is insane.

(Further evidence: the Police officer who wants to make landlords responsible for the criminal acts of their tenants. Which I think is a great idea. Can’t wait until they make employers liable for criminal acts by their employees, teachers responsible for the criminal acts of their pupils, the Home Secretary responsible for criminal acts by the police, prison service etc. and the Queen responsible for criminal acts of politicians and clergymen.)


4 thoughts on “Proud member of the Sewer Grate Photographing Tendency

      1. Pete you should own up to conflict of interest on this story, since I know you secretly don’t photograph sewer grates and manhole covers.

      2. Curses! Foiled again! (disappears into jet powered non-photgraphing-sewer-grate-mobile)

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