Telegraph publishes big bunch of lies…

First time author, 93, saves friends from care homes with book advance

Which is a pretty neat trick, given that her publisher, AuthorHouse, appear to be a “self-publishing outfit”, to be generous to them.*

So wherever she got the money from the bigger house, it wasn’t from any “advance”.

Still, “93 year-old woman buys house, desperately hopes revenue from vanity press book will cover the fuel bills for her friends” wouldn’t be a feel-good story, I guess.

Before we get some snark, nope, still not published novelist myself. You know what? That actually puts me one step ahead of people like this woman, in that we both have manuscripts that real publishers don’t want, but at least I haven’t given money to con men and boasted about it in the national press.

*Genuine self-publishing outfits don’t ask you to fill out a form saying how much you know about publishing. That’s for the marketing department of the vanity press to target you better. They also don’t talk about “royalties”: if you’re self publishing, you pay for their services and keep what money comes in. In fact stuff generosity, they’re a vanity press.

Genuine self-publishing: Lulu , cafe press


3 thoughts on “Telegraph publishes big bunch of lies…

  1. The dictum, “Money should always flow toward the author” — sometimes called Yog’s law — holds fast. Of course, money always flows away from any author buying a house. And it flows, flows flows flows… Doesn’t ever stop friggin’ flowing. I wish her the best of luck really. She has a fab PR person.

      1. Quoting James McDonald: Someone is fibbing. Ha! Short and to the point. The BBC is being pretty careful about it though, not actually coming right out and making the connection between the fairy-tale ‘advance’ and the buying of the house. I wonder how much she paid for the PR. Still, I suppose it helps being 93 years old and in a position to ‘do good’; the book can only sell. Though at 10% royalties from Authorhouse, I doubt the earnings would buy even a day’s worth of gas for the heating this coming winter. Ah, the publishing ‘industry’: a strange and fickle beast. Not to mention greedy.

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