welfare reform, redux

The proposed reforms state, pretty baldly, that the government will not pay you to raise your children, but will pay you to raise someone else’s, with government oversight.

If the welfare state is not their to help single parents to care for their children, who, exactly, is it for?

Is “teaching children by example that everyone should work” more important than actually, physically being there with those children?

Why is raising children not considered a worthy occupation unless it is done with government oversight?

Why should I as a taxpayer subsidise ASDA, TESCO and council child carers when I could more cheaply subsidise parents?

Why do people think that in attacking a current labour policy I would in any way support the Tories, who originated this policy?

Why do people think I should object to paying taxes to support parents in raising their children? Of all the things tax is spent on, this is currently very low on my priorities of outrage, well below ill thought out international adventurism and MP’s pay rises / hiding of expenses.


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