Personal carbon trading / rationing – the short version

1. It requires the building of a national database of every transaction every individual makes – the super-ID database
2. It still favours the rich if, as planned, carbon can be bought & sold
3. It works on the basis that global climate change can be tackled by, err, keeping the energy economy running on pretty much the same basis as now, but stopping the poor folks from consuming more than we want them to, rather than encouraging micro-production, tech breakthroughs, etc.

It’s a bulky, big, corporate solution to a problem caused by bulky, big corporate thinking. Anybody want to calculate the carbon footprint of making all those cards, running the servers for the database, the additional strain on EPOS systems..?

No matter. Contractors need our money, we will surely have governments that will happily hand it over with our liberties as a bonus.


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