LIttle Brother now available for Download… plus spoily Iron Man whinges.

Form here:

And yes, I could direct you to the download page, but you’d miss some of TEH AWSUM on the welcome page.

IF you download 1) Let Cory know what you think of it and b) Let ME know. Because I like the chat.

try to get this into the hands of everyone who has even a passing interest in civil liberties, technology, the war on nouns… or really good young adult fiction.

There’s a spoily discussion about it on making light, if you want to join in. Or you can abuse me for my bad taste here.

And yes, I saw Iron Man, which was a damn good superhero movie, but still made me uncomfortable by making out that…

… It’s okay to sell arms to the US military ONLY
… the DHS (which SHIELD is now the secret identity of) are likely to be trying to stop the international arms trade. And are the good guys.
… our dusky brethren are allowed to be victims, but not active agents of change.
… Stane doesn’t need a reason to want Stark dead. Yes, it’s all in the subtext, but, come on, come out and SAY IT, Obadiah.

But as for some folks complaining about, frex, Pepper’s relationship with TS? Please. We are not supposed to think this is a worthy or functional relationship. These are damaged people.

And as for the casting, 90% hot damn right on (Jeff Bridges as Stane, in Starks house, playing Salieri??!?!?). Rhodey was a bit weak though. He’s no WarMachine.

Yes, I know who Rhodey becomes. I got the reference in the film. Behold, I am King Geek.


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