Usual Doctor Who gubbins

The speculation as to who should replace the current Doctor is ever present, from the moment they are cast.

So you know who they should cast?

Tom Waits.

It works almost too well. Touch of Renfield from Dracula, touch of the inventor from Mystery Men, and, well, a shedload of Tom Waits from Time Square.

Hell, if Tom isn’t a renegade Time Lord in real life, I’ll be mildly disappointed.

Failing that, Peter Falk.


4 thoughts on “Usual Doctor Who gubbins

  1. Tom Waits, timelord is a glorious idea. But would Who Fandom go into fits if a doctor wasn’t a British actor? Has that ever happened before? What next? Starbuck a woman?

    1. Or, as a colleague has just suggested, since the schedule would, allegedly, “kill any actor over 45”, give Tom half a season, the regenerate to Angelina Jolie

  2. Seriously, I’d like to see Rupert “Ron Weasley” Grint as the Doctor, with shaggy, ginger hair and a long, dark coat. Or they could just completely sell out and cast Billie Piper as the first female Doctor.

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