My cat tried to kill me…

Saturday morning, Kelly on a night shift.

About 5.30, hear a movement in the room. I roll over to check the time, presuming that the cats have got upstairs.

About a minute or so later, WHAM!

Pair of nested suitcases hit the side of the bed where my face usually is, having fallen from the top of the wardrobe next to the bed.

Look up to see a cat with an expression I can only interpret as “Damn. He moved”

Chased the cat out, went to put the suitcases back on the wardrobe… and fell off the bed, gashed my shin and sprained my ankle.



2 thoughts on “My cat tried to kill me…

  1. Lol…and seriously, will help to lend yet more substance to one of the central tenets of my existence – that you can never quite trust a cat.

    1. To speak in the cats defence: in the previous month we had a) castrated two of her sons, b) gone away for a week (taking with us the aformentioned suitcases, exhibit A, m’lud) and, really sadly, c) one of the aforementioned sons had been run over while we were away. As mitigating a set of circumstances as you’ll ever hear, I guess.

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