songs in pseudo code

SET me.afraid AND me.petrified; think while(me.side CONTAINS you)=FALSE
For nights <= many; (me.think(you wrong me)), me.strong++, me.getAlong++, next night


TODAY – 100000: recall (IF music THEN smile)
IF (me.chance=TRUE) THEN (, people.happy WHILE (a)
FOR EACH paper. deliver WHILE month=February
AT doorstep PUT badNews, STOP
IF (widowedBride.subject=READ) then me.cried undefined
IF today = musicDeadDay THEN me.finger

(gets easier, doesn't it?)

Return difference:
(Heaven Hell)
(Sky(blue) Pain)
(Field (green) rail(cold AND Steel))
(smile veil)


(too easy)

2 thoughts on “songs in pseudo code

  1. 1 is I Will Survive. 2 is The Day The Music Died. 3 I’m not sure; I could Google it, but that would violate the spirit of the game. It seems to me I should know 3 but it’s not coming to mind.

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