Ooh and Stardust…

Watched Stardust again, this time with the commentary… kind of interesting, the way that they treat the events of the novel as entirely optional for their purposes (for those keeping score at home, there is a complete reverse of the meaning of one late scene to allow what was, for me, a VERY Hollywood moment. As in diabetes inducing levels of saccharine*.)

But all in all, still a nice little movie, and not completely covered in stupid like certain other films I could mention.

Still, make me apprehensive to have a look at x-men 3, with Vaughan’s tendency towards the dumbing, together with it being what he calls “a boys film”…

May try to take in Spiderman 3 with directors commentary tonight. And a stiff drink.

*I know, saccharine doesn’t cause diabetes, away with your scientific facts, away I say!

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