Odd random religious thought

What if the rapture has already happened but no-one noticed?

You know, one old lady in Ohio, a farmhand outside Mumbai and a hamburger flipper in Bejing were bodily taken… and that was it. The righteous, as defined by the ineffable will of the almighty, have been swept up and dwell at his right hand.

And the tribulation is us having to live with each other.

Bah, I bet Neil Gaiman already wrote a story about it…


2 thoughts on “Odd random religious thought

  1. It’s been one of my theories for a long time that the world probably wouldn’t notice much. Except that quite a few US pilots are apparently Christian fundies so you would get a few airliners falling out of the sky because pilot and copilot both vanished. The US loses a few hundred thousand, maybe a few thousand in the UK, ditto elsewhere in the world where they’re active, most big cities are barely affected since they tend to have multiethnicity, the impact is mostly in Bible-belt America and very light elsewhere. Bugger all in china, for example, given their attitude to missionaries. Hmm… maybe this explains Firefly – the Rapture took away most of the fundies, creationists, etc., so the USA suddenly had to get some sensible political leaders etc. China suffered least in the upheaval and became even more of a superpower. The antichrist turned up and got assassinated pretty fast by the Vatican’s hit squads (there’s a Clive Barker story somewhere about a papal hit squad that does nothing but go after the baby antichrist every few months). A few hundred years on and the only Christians around are people like Book etc., who to me don’t look much like fundies.

    1. I was hitting it from a completely other direction: that, while the Fundamentalists, Evangelists, etc are essentially correct in that the righteous shall get swept up in the rapture, the qualifications for “righteous” are a) Rather tied up with the pelagian heresy about works, not faith, and b) very much that significantly fewer people get swept up, and by no means the people they expect. If it was the Big Church money folks who get swept up like they keep telling people they would… well, in my story, it wouldn’t be the Lord taking them away, but the loyal opposition…

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