Thought for the Day: The Overton Window

Okay, this came from discussions on Vincent Baker’s anyway blog regarding RPG theory, but I’m looking at it in the light of suggestions that the HE movement should get into bed with the BNP because a) they offer tax breaks to home educators* and b) they’re “not racist, they’re pro-British”**.

That last one is a classic attempt to move the Overton window on repatriation and exclusion.

Also, the last few years have seen a slow shift of the Overton window with regards to EHE, from Radical to Acceptable (not that I think we’ve got all the way to acceptable from the PoV of, frex, the Daily Mail, for whom we’re simply a stick to beat the government with).

*Greeks bearing gifts, IMHO.
** As long as your white, straight and christian or norse pagan. Female AND docile is also acceptable.


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