Well everyone else is going to be talking about it…


“Hi, we’re the government, the answer is a national database, what is your question?”

He also dismissed security concerns, saying the system was “cast-iron in terms of integrity”.

Well, hopefully people are waking up to the fact that there ain’t no such animal.

If you want to check people’s qualifications now, you can contact the issuing body, be it an exam board, a university or an industry group (I couldn’t find confirmation, are Cisco, Microsoft, etc signed up to this? The various professional bodies that grant qualifications? The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids?*)

The number of qualification granting bodies is VAST. Which means vast read/write access to the data.


And every one has (or damn well should have) records of who they have given qualifications to, and if you suspect a prospective employee is, ahh, spicing up their CV, you can call them.


Add to that the continued trend for employers who say they’re less interested in qualifications than attitude, presentation and life experience… well.

It’s an expensive, insecure solution for a problem that does not exist… unless of course, it’s not about qualifications at all, but another branch of the cradle to grave data regime.

Social policy seems to be in the same state physics was in the late 19th century… “If only we can accurately measure everything, we will understand it!”

Then along comes relativity and quantum mechanics and slaps newtonian physics around, saying “not only are you getting far away from understanding, you cannot accurately measure…”


Measurements are not solutions. They are distractions. Socially, we’re in a big damn hole and more accurately measuring and counting the rocks will neither get us out nor fill the hole.

*This is NOT flippant, as their courses can count towards other correspondence qualifications.

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One thought on “Well everyone else is going to be talking about it…

  1. can’t say whether the bards, ovates and druids are but if you’re qualified with ms or cisco you’ll have sn MCP or Cisco id number that can be checked

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