More “schools = social care on the cheap”

“School is critical here. There used to be people who
were more obvious in schools – educational welfare officers. They now
seem to have much bigger case loads and who is there to deal with the
welfare of the children?”

“A lot of teachers don’t see that as their role or feel uncomfortable.”

They should, because it isn’t their role. Successive governments have eroded their ability to be professional teachers, and now they should be untrained professional social or welfare workers as well?

Oh and:

…who is there to deal with the
welfare of the children?

Gosh, didn’t that used to be their parents?

Yes, I’m worried that this kind of report will be used to justify government control of home education “to prevent children falling under the radar”.

Check how well schools are doing that here:

Those are the ones ON the radar that the government is constantly and consistently failing, and I would argue a much more serious and immediate concern than phantom armies of “missing children”.

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