Chris Chibnall has apparently passed over the plotting duties to the slashfic community (Captain John really is Spike, isn’t he?)

This is, given the nature of the series, a Good Thing.


3 thoughts on “Torchwood

  1. I wholeheartedly concur. My husband, however, spent the entire episode wondering how they are going to re-edit it for the kiddies (as was rumoured) and still maintain a coherent story.

    1. Remember not so much for kids as suitable for prime time, soooo…. Cut close up of headshot on puffer fish man cut out shot of body dropped from roof maybe cut some of the capts fight Cut (again) shot of jacks body seen from roof* but male snogging has been seen on Doctor Who with no probs, and I don;t think the BBC could have agreed to the primetime edit without agreeing to keep “teh ghey”. BTW, was it just me, or did Captain Jack’s outfit have a bit of Luther Arkwright going on? *BTW, what a fantastic stunt, I checked the cut there, and if it wasn’t completely CGi, then kudos to the stuntman for a very long fall gag. If it was cgi, well done to the mill for fantastic effects.

      1. Luther Arkwright: probably not just you, Rusty is nothing if not OCD about his interconnection of all fandoms Sci Fi… Tennant playing Arkwright, parallel universes, characters called Rose, adventures in time… What’s a little costume nod in the face of all that? And you mean Captain John, yes? The stunt/CGI was indeed laudable. Methinks they found some extra budget in one of Jack’s greatcoat pockets.

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