Wisdom of The Intarwebs: DVD rental services

I’m looking into signing up to one of these: advise me up.

Any great ones? Any really bad experiences?

Also, if you’ve got an incentive to sign people up, PLEASE declare it first.


3 thoughts on “Wisdom of The Intarwebs: DVD rental services

  1. No incentive, we use it due to our inability to receive either satellite or terrestrial digital. We use Tesco which is really LOVEFiLM under the Tesco brand. Tesco was the first one we used as it had a 28 day trial (now 14 days) and we’ve never bothered changing. Comes out quite well, the DVDs are returned 1st class so it works out roughly a 3 day turnaround from you posting your returns. Even if you only manage 3 or 4 DVDs a month it is excellent. I can’t remember the price but we get 2 DVDs at a time. You put a list of what you want in order of priority, sometimes you don’t get the top ones because of demand but you always get something you want to watch.

  2. They are good. I don’t pay though. I have had half a dozen free 3 month trials for these one way and another. You get one little free trial and then you say you’re going to leave and then they beg you to stay for 3 for price of 1 month and then you leave and then they send you a please join again here’s a free 3 month voucher, meanwhile you get your ex up the road to do the same. Sometimes the vouchers don’t work if you had a membership at the same postcode but sooner or later it’s Christmas again so they send you the 3 months for free with your name on because they say they miss you. I err may have a spare voucher, I’ll have a look…1000s of film on the list. You get the titles you want if you ignore their please to add more fillers to your list. Fiona

  3. We’re with Amazon. My only complaint would be that many of the choices on our list have a ‘Short Wait’ for them to become available. I always seem to be compromising rather than getting my top three choices… Just like a rental shop, I suppose. Lol.

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