Voyage of the Damned

According to my blogroll, friends and family, I was the only one on the planet who actually liked it.

Must have drunk more than I thought.


12 thoughts on “Voyage of the Damned

    1. I only saw your post later, after a wave of “this is the worst trash RTD has ever written!” (ONe person even managed a “Why don’t they get some of the Battlestar writers?”, which is as silly as and RTD plot) Which is very silly considering some of the stuff he has written (some of those episodes of “Why Don’t You” were, frankly, spotty at best)

  1. I didnt like it that much either. I dunno, I just think the whole series has lost its bite now. They should have left it after the second series ( the first tennant one) Kylie was ok in it though

  2. I liked it in a kind of don’t-have-to-think-too-much, glazed-minded fashion that made it possible to ignore the explosive sounds and ship-breaking-up noises coming at me through an airless space. Though there were a few too many heroic suicides. …Apart from Kylie’s, of course (who for around ten horrifying minutes I truly believed was going to become the Doctor’s new companion). *shudders* Sorry, Kylie-fan-people.

    1. At this late stage of Doctor Who, we have to start worrying about physics? I guess everyone has their “AAAARRRRGGGGHHH” point: for me it was in Smith and Jones when the Doctor absorbed the radiation in the x-ray room after the machine was turned off… which is pretty much the same as absorbing the light in a closed room after the lightbulb is turned off. Radiation and radioactivity. Different things. Look it up. Astrid joins the honourable list of companions who weren’t.

      1. At this late stage of Doctor Who, we have to start worrying about physics? Heh, of course not. But every time I hear sound in space, it does tickle my “AAAAGGGGGGGGHHH!” point, yes. On the other hand, I have no trouble believing that a whole London hospital can somehow be put into orbit around the earth and that a sonic ‘screwdriver’ can unlock doors of absolutely any type in existence, and do other things too…

  3. I liked it too. People tend to over analyse the whole thing. It was a glorious romp, just right for the post-dinner wind down. I don’t care who wrote it, it delivered everything I expected, and the kids were by turns squealing in fright, delight and laughter. The only downer for me was Astrid dying, but it was wholly justified. Season 4 looks like a blast as well.

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