A football psychiatrist writes…

Many people ask me “what is denial?”

I tell them, “Read this article, then take a look at the league table on the right hand side of it”

However, the writer is a Millwall fan, and thus prone to psychotic episodes and delusional constructs to protect them from the damage their self esteem takes when they look at the league table.

Dr Leyton Orient, “Post Saturnalia totus lapsus est”


4 thoughts on “A football psychiatrist writes…

  1. I live with a Millwall fan and despite the 55 league places between them and West Ham, she still maintains hers is the superior team, possibly based on the fact that Tim Cahill used to play for them. I guess they have more scope for improvement.

    1. “Don’t look at it as surrounded, look at it as having a wide shot selection”. What is it about Millwall fans? I mean, they’ve got a similar track record to the O’s, yet O’s fans seem to be in a state of permanent surprise that they’ve actually survived in the league for another year, and are even now bracing themselves for the inevitable boxing day collapse…

      1. Millwall have had a slightly more glorious past than the O’s. They’ve been to the FA Cup Final and even top of the league, finishing 10th in 89. But I think it’s more that the fan base is Bermondsey Boys, “No one likes us, we don’t care!” The wiki entry for Orient says that their “League position most frequently attained” is 19th which does reflect your views.

      2. “Orient – we know our place…” What can you say about a club that doubled it’s gates by putting it’s location back in it’s name? “Oh, LEYTON Orient, that’s just round the corner…”

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