Wandering down the backroads, round the corners of my memory…

Checking on facebook, looking for transitive friends in friends networks…

And I’m hitting people in the friends lists of friends who, though according to the “where we met” information, I should also know, my memory is coming up with a bunch of 404 errors.

A few, I’d be okay with. Because I’m not so mired in the geek social fallacies or egotism to think that, frex, everyone that my friends knew at university, I would automatically also have met, or at least met regularly enough to register in what’s laughably called my mind.

I’m the first to admit that I stumbled through most of my life paying very little attention to anyone, and definitely less than most deserved*… and surnames were, mostly, a vague noise (and first names often little more).

But I can quote chunks of plays, tv shows, movies, songs word perfect from memory.

Which leads me to the conclusion that my mental search engine is ger-schplatten for anything but showbiz trivia.

So, partly an appeal to anyone who thinks they know someone I used to know who I should remember to refresh my search engine for me, and partly an apology… I have been a social inadequate, an egotistical attention whore who used you to boost what little self worth I had, and if you can bear to get in touch with me again, I would be deeply honoured

*”I know half of you as well as I’d like, and like less than half of you as well as you deserve” could be my epitaph.


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