Shameless plugging….

Thanksgiving giveaway of PDF games:

Mentioning this because a) on Friday, it includes the HeroQuest Hero’s Book, especially recommended to dianeoliver, as it’s the “easy intoductory version” of the HQ rules for the Black Swan Clan game.

and b) Today you can get the spiffy MonkeyNinjaPirateRobot RPG by chadu for FREE: It’s a very, very easy recommend for people looking for a first RPG, especially for kids looking for a “saturday morning cartoon” level of play… which reminds me, I MUST write up the session I had with Alex soon (Featuring KaJing, the Ninja afraid of animals, a tennis playing monkey, a Pirate with a poodle parlour, and something nasty beneath RobotTown)… but for now, I just want it know that he got extra mojo for climbing into the office via the ventilation ducts, despite there being stairs “because it’s more ninja”.


2 thoughts on “Shameless plugging….

  1. Oooooo, thanks, Pete. I’m newly registered with RPG Now and am eagerly awaiting Friday for my download. Mwhahahaha. (I always feel a bit naughty when getting something for free. I have no idea why). Meanwhile, about that Nasty Something Beneath RobotTown… :-O

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