A little activism…


Yeah, I know, one consult on friday, onther one coming on wednesday, another one due next friday, but please….

Why the heck does Crown Copyright exist? We’re paying for this stuff in taxes anyway, why should you pay extra to read the damn stuff?


4 thoughts on “A little activism…

  1. To prevent its misuse and the misrepresentation of the government and the nation? Almost everything written that is crown copyright has a waiver for reproduction anyway, a totally worthless petition in my opinion. The main thing the is held in copyright are images and logos. And I certainly wouldn’t want to see agency and departmental logos being misused nor do I see why the Crown cannot garner income from access to its image library.

    1. Hmmm. How would releasing government publications into the public domain allow misuse and misprepresentation? What exactly would misuse entail? Why should the government need the protection of crown copyright to protect it’s representation of itself and the nation to such an extant that release of CC materials could threaten that. The waivers are all well and good, but doesn’t their presence highlight the lack of necessity of crown copyright covering, at the point of creation, pretty much all government produced information: furthermore, the waivers can be summarily withdrawn at any point, we currently only have that waiveron the whim of the present government. It’s a principle thing: it’s information which rightly should be freely available, rather than at the behest of the government.

  2. I can think of a number of ways that CC material could be misused or misrepresented, from use of data in other’s research (and subsequent copyrighting thereof) to actual misleading of the public into thinking that you represent the government. Much of Crown Copyright is there as a protection of the integrity of the material but there is an unfortunate trend in using CC to deny access, usually by pricing material out of the market (considered misuse of CC according to HMSO and OPSI). I’m no fan of copyright in general but the area of copyright that pisses me off most is Parliamentary Copyright, there’s one that is open to all sorts of abuse.

  3. It’s Crown Copyright that put me off doing our own conveyancing when buying our house. The hassle of obtaining many of the forms needed by law, etc., (not to mention the cost) was just too much at the time. It smelled a little of closed clubs and old school ties, come to think of it. I mean, if one or two of us commoners decide we can do it ourselves instead of paying a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to do it for us then the whole bloody world will be in on the act soon, won’t it? How dare we take money from their poor, threadbare, pocketsies…

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