My son, comedy genius

Watching Sarah Jane Adventures last night “They want to be careful of nuns, ‘cos they’re sneaky and know Kung Fu…”

“No, that’s Ninjas isn’t it? I always get them confused, both start with N, both wear black…”


3 thoughts on “My son, comedy genius

  1. Say, last week you mentioned getting the first SJA through bittorrent. Where would an honest citizen like myself find that? (I’ve looked on Pirate Bay and didn’t find it.) I don’t live in the UK (yet), but I’d very much like to see the show.

    1. I torrented from Demonoid… v. surprised PB doesn’t have it yet. I know, I promied to send a link out, but I honestly haven’t touched my home PC since last Thursday…. soon as i can send it I will.

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