Why I probably didn’t break the law last night…

We missed Sarah Jane Adventures. Having signed up for BBC iPlayer, I thought I had a legal way to download it.

First, it sulked because I wasn’t using internet exploder… then it just plain sulked.

It crashes more often than Richard Hammond.

Off to the torrents, where Chapter one was available less than an hour after broadcast.

I’ve paid my license fee, which has paid for production. The BBC’s preferred solution for deferred download is FUBAR. I have no guilt about downloading it on a torrent (and watching the repeat on Sunday).

It has cost the BBC nothing. It cost me an hour fannying around with iPlayer before giving up.


3 thoughts on “Why I probably didn’t break the law last night…

  1. I got an invitation to try the beta of BBC iPlayer, becaaue I’d filled in some survey about BBC2, and ticked the ‘Please hassle me in future’ box. I use a Mac, and was emphatically told by the iPlayer that I can’t use it on a Mac. I’m not the only Mac using license fee payer in the UK, so I sent them a stiff email, to which they obviously didn’t reply…

    1. Yes, unless you use the unholy trinity of XP/Vista, Internet Explorer & Media Player 9+ (otherwise known as DRM heaven, or please hijack my computer), the media unit at the BBC don’t want to know. And continue to not want to know. Meanwhile, their output is available without DRM on teh internets within an hour of broadcast. They are fighting a battle they’ve already lost.

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