Well, if you’re going to send them…


School start age ‘should be six’

The age at which pupils start school should be raised to six or seven, a teachers’ association suggests.

Yup. Definitely. But with the present regime, you’re peeing into the wind, sorry, rowing upstream if you suggest that, maybe, parents and children should spend more than the bare minimum of time together, whether on a daily or yearly scale.

It’s not so much that, as the DCSF* spokesman’s reply that I’m interested in…

But a spokesman for the Department for Children, Schools
and Families said: “The formal school starting age of five has served
children well for decades and standards in our primary schools have
never been higher.


SO the complaints about the functional rate of illiteracy and innumeracy rates increasing are imaginary? Okay.

“All the evidence – key stage results, international comparisons and Ofsted reports – make this clear.

*cough* Unless you look at comparisons with literacy rates in Scandinavian countries, or indeed the international comparison which named our children as the unhappiest in the developed world.

“We want all children to make progress in literacy and
numeracy at an early age, as these skills are critical to their ability
to get the most out of learning later on.

“Whether or not they are ready to make progress. If we can’t make reading a chore, what’s the point?”

“The first years of schooling focus on play-based
activities in addition to formal learning – the curriculum is
age-appropriate and we actively support teachers to adapt their
teaching to the needs of children.”

As long as they stay within the bounds of the national curriculum, literacy hour, numeracy hour, dividing the children’s time into discrete blocks…

Vacancies available at DCSF. Ostrich impersonators preferred.

*Remember it as “Dysfunctional Cerebero Spinal Fluid”, if you’re medically trained. It may also explain their policies…

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3 thoughts on “Well, if you’re going to send them…

  1. My wife being Russian looks on the UK education system with no less awe and disgust as I do. She takes great lengths to remind me that children dont go to school until they are 7 in Russia and the education system is more effective than in the UK, wherein they force virtually babies to sit and learn in “clean and ethical environments designed to inspire and develop creative talents.” What a load of cock. Im sure not Im even in the same library, let alone fucking page as these educational idiots. The school our daughter is about to attend is designed to develop “citizens”. Their words not mine. I hate that phrase, I hate it ever since I saw Starship Troopers wherein they discussed the finer points of what defines a citizen. I dont want my daughter being an automaton, rather I want her to be a non-conformist to change this shitty world we live in, rather than accept it as it is. This is the government working to destroy our children.

    1. They are not children, they are tax futures, info-mining opportunities and marketing sectors. Get with the program.

      1. the next time I hear any minister speaking about children in any form, I shall remember that mantra…

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