Schneier on data re-use

Fantastic article by Bruce Schneier, the sane security expert, on just how far you can trust a government when it says it’s only collecting data for a limited use…

It would, of course, be tasteless to mention Connexions here, wouldn’t it? After all, we have to think of the children….


4 thoughts on “Schneier on data re-use

  1. By Connexions, do you mean the Careers’ Advice/Youth/Social Work people for whom my wife works? What have they done?

    1. Especially amongst us woolly headed alternative types, there’s some worry about the future use / sale of data collected by connexions. A very worthy aim of providing support has been tied to a massive data collation excercise.

      1. Can you be more specific? What data is it that Connexions has that you are worried about?

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