Does anybody reading do that stuff? I’m trying it (together with facebooking, myspacing and the other stuff that what the young people call “the young people” are doing…)

4 thoughts on “Twitter..?

    1. Ha, I poked you! I think it was you… Hey, it wasn’t you that had the evil doppleganger in the same city, was it? …crap.

      1. My evil doppelganger lives in Manhattan and is performance artist of the most boring variety. In fact, the only two things he has going for him is 1) he looks exactly like me, and 2) he’s evil. Because I like to share, one of my favorite library bloggers wrote about Twitter and here’s her post.

  1. Not my thing. I’ve got Bebo to stay in contact with a couple of friends, hardly use Facebook at all, and I use LJ most of all. IM is fine, but Twitter is right out for me.

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