Thought for the day

What was satire yesterday is official policy today, and tomorrow will be a treasured part of our national culture.


9 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. It’s what I call the Sony Nation. They can’t see crap go by them without copying it even if it’s a bad idea. They then spend years defending it instead of just saying that they ballsed up and take their licks.

    1. Really? I was thinking about Blair primarily, then Bush. And tangentially about the Endemol kidney transplant hoax.

      1. The tables have been turned for some time with Britain becoming a colony of America in many ways and trying to emulate a number of things over here. Not a good thing, because it stops me wanting to move back.

      2. Oh, but we’re going to get “Being proud of Britain day!” Anyone who proposes that just doesn’t get Britain. “Being ever so slightly embarassed of being British day” should do it.

      3. You’re joking? Please tell me you’re joking. I count myself as a human being first, a Scot second, British third, and an Expat fourth if we’re defining “nationalities”. Of course I lean towards dreamer, philosopher, father, husband, wannabe writer as well. The irony is that over here as soon as people hear that I’m Scots or British, they think I’m cool and announce their own ancestry relating to both. They boast about how British they are, but they don’t actually get what being British really is. Then again, most of Britain today don’t get it either.

      4. I think most people get it, but they’re being drowned out by the ones with US envy. They’re louder. A lot louder. Anyway, a lot of the Britain day crap is runners for the deputy leadership toadying to Gordon “devolution = less tax for me” Brown.

      5. Ah, that makes sense. The one thing about living over here is that I tend to stay more focused on global news insted of US or UK-centric news. I miss a lot of the stuff going on in the UK because I’m too busy with other things, but I probably should get back up to date. I need to renew my passport in a year and that means a trip to the UK consulate in Chicago. In some ways I feel like I’m betraying my heritage because I’ve left the UK behind (which is one reason why I’ve not voted at all since coming here), but I have to focus on my family and what’s best for them. Hopefully in a few years we’ll be in the enviable position to be able to pack up here and come back as an option.

      6. I’d give it a couple more years to see if we can resist the governments who thought “Brazil” was a utopia.

      7. We’re planning to. We’re going to see how the next election plays out here in the US and the one leading up after that and make some decisions then. That’ll five us a chance to clear off debts, establish profitable businesses and be able to move them should we need to. I still want to get my DO degree, and London is the best place for me to do that.

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