More head-table interface in Glorantha

“Putting restrictions on Vingans is NOT FUN! BE MORE FUN! YOU’RE NOT BEING FUN ENOUGH!!”

Dude, is the game set in Glorantha, horrible old, “Joseph Campbell is right” Glorantha: not Xena, the make it up as you go and raid mythology for kewl powerz GRrrl Pwr kinda-glorantha.

You use the myth, you take the consequences. Social consequences, schmocial consequences, stop thinking like a 21st century real world person, it don’t work like that. The social realm is like it is BECAUSE of the mythical background.: Heortlings survived the darkness because they followed their gender stereotyped gods. For a functional society, there are gods that allow people to change that stereotyping, but only by following another stereotype, BECAUSE THAT’S HOW MYTH WORKS!*

“but you’re putting off future newbies”

Fuck ’em. If Gloranthan publications are going to be published with an eye to protecting the sensibilities of Gareth “Contracycle” and Boaty, they’re going to be anodyne, worthless, generic shite.

*In Stafford’s Campbellian snafu…

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