Letter to the management of the new Peterborough Academy

“Dear Academy:

“Thank you for your response to our request for further information: regretfully, we have been forced to serve you with a compulsory school abandonment order.

“Our main concern is the removal of free recreational areas and the abandonment of unstructured recreational time for the pupils. Your reasoning that such spaces would be unmanageable and lead to bullying and truancy seems at best specious and at worst an admittance that you are unable to properly socialise your students, nor to sufficiently incentivise them to remain in the school without seriously curtailing their freedoms of movement, expression and self determination.

“Indeed, throughout all the reports we have read, you seem to be very reluctant to address the socialisation of the students, arguing that ‘What the public wants is maximum learning’, and that recreation should take place off school premises ‘in their own time in their own communities’

“While we admire your honesty for stating that your school is not part of the student’s community, we cannot accept this frankly worrying desire to completely manage every moment of every child’s time at your establishment. In fact, many of us believe that such attitudes show a deep seated fear of your students.

“We feel that in treating your students as a behavioural problem, that is all they ever will be.

“As such, we feel that you cannot be trusted to adequately fulfil your responsibilities to give these children and appropriate education for their ages, aptitudes and abilities. We would remind you that education is not merely that which can be taught in lessons or measured in tests, which seems to be the only measure, apart from money, that you presently understand.

“We are seriously considering whether your regime infringes their human rights, leaving the local authority open to prosecution.

“Please turn in your keys to the authority. Return these children to their parents.

“The Public

PS Norman Foster designs a school without playgrounds? Typical.”

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