More genius tackling of bullying…

Unisex, blurred glass toilets.

It’ll certainly stop bullying in toilets… because I don’t think anyone would want to use them at all.

Reminds me of when the council replaced the benches in the bus station with uncomfortable sloped shelves under leaky glass covers “to discourage the homeless from using it overnight” – resulting in a successful creation of a place so uncomfortable and unwelcoming not even tramps would sleep there.

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5 thoughts on “More genius tackling of bullying…

  1. See, they’re going about this the wrong way. The best way to stop bullying at school is just to not have the kids go to school at all. That’ll stop bullying, save money, and still result in the kind of second-rate education most kids get anyway.

    1. Well, since I home ed, i’d argue it leads to a better education. I think checking the rest of the story, we see that it would be easier and cheaper for these partially privatised schools to maintain unisex glass bogs, we see the real reason for them, and bullying is just the excuse de jour

      1. You’re a cynic 😉 The unisex toilets are going to lead to a number of other problems I’m sure, and after those arise they’ll be quick to rethink it. Say in perhaps 10-15 years. I was going to ask you for some pointers for home ed resources. We’re in a great school system here right now but we still want to supplement what the kids get. We do a pretty good job we think, but a little guidance is always good.

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