Look out everyone…

We’re having a CRISIS!

Danger is everywhere! Quango’s must have money from government to fix us!

One gems:

The Department for Education and Skills had commissioned
a review of research which had found that parents’ influence on the
outcome of their child’s schooling was greater even than the influence
of the school.

“That was a shock to them, I think.”

Hands up anyone else who’s shocked? No-one? Okay.

And again, they harp on about the “loss of fathers”; well, you bastards want us all to be in two working parent families, with extended hours for schools… you’re eroding our ability to be fathers AND mothers to our children.

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6 thoughts on “Look out everyone…

  1. “you’re eroding our ability to be fathers AND mothers to our children.” Well said, rah rah! I just wish the blasted government would realise… or at the very least, admit to it.

  2. Very well said. There’s an added component to this over here in the US in that it’s more than just the government wanting to have people work more so that they generate more taxes; there’s a psychosocial aspect to having to get your kids into all the sports and extra curricular activities and clubs (which are mostly paid for separately) because to do so otherwise is to be seen as not meeting certain neighborhood expectations. It’s a form of snobbery that ends up having both parents working hard and never seeing their kids expect to pick them up and drive them to school activities. There’s a lot of car pooling and sharing of duties and care in many of these neighborhoods. We stick out like a sore thumb because we don’t put our kids into the expensive $200 8 week course on soccer instruction (I take some of the local kids out, put down 4 jumpers, and coach them in a central field instead – no expensive classes for me when I was growing up because I got to be a kid), and we make sure that our schedule has us always having one of us around for the kids. I wonder how different it is over in the UK these days, seeing as I’ve been away 9 years.

    1. the answer is… it’s kind of getting there, for the middle classes. “jumpers for goalposts… enduring image, isn’t, wasn’t it, hmm? Mind you very different in those days, remember parkie, very rough, but he could get arrestedfor that in those days.”

      1. The weird paradox is that here in the US if someone sees some green land they have to build on it, either housing or business or medical. Played Sim City? Yup, that’s how it is over here. Every new neighborhood makes sure it has a play area for the kids, and they’re all maintained by the neighborhood. The local municipalities also have a Parks service which maintains the public parks, but it’s still unusual to just see a bunch of kids getting together in the neighborhood and doing a lot of the stuff that we did as kids. There’s a lot cliques (clicks according to US English) mostly generated due to parent’s relationships with other parents in the neighborhood, and many families have their own swing set or play fort in the garden. The funniest situation was two years ago when we bought our tent and camping gear. We ended up putting it up in the back garden for a couple of nights and camping out there. The following week there was a sudden spate of other tents in the back gardens of neighborhoods because all of the kids wanted tents and the parents just had to give in and get them.

      2. At least the US housing has something resembling a garden, unlike new UK housing estates “Garden? what do you want a garden for? get another three houses on that garden, we could!” Also, in the UK, any spontaneous gathering of kids is likely to be termed a “gang of youths” and dispersed by the police… And they wonder why they stay indoors on their nintendoes.

      3. IIRC Scots Law has any 3 people standing together being able to be classified as “a riot”. I’ve been following the whole ASBO thing, and I tend to agree with you on the disenfranchisement of the youth. I can remember things being bad when I was young (one of the reasons I wanted out of my home town area), but I can only imagine them being a lot worse now. With a lot of the stuff being pulled in the UK, we’re disinclined to come back there to resettle. Over here at least we have more options, even if the culture and society are a bit more messed up.

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