Late to the pixel stained technopeasant party…

… especially given that I’ve got nothing I’d consider ready for professional publication

So instead I’ve shoved my ancient work in progress notes for STRESS! the storytelling game of medical drama here: dig in.

Oh, and for anyone who really wants to look at me funny: the first draft of my novella, The Gimp*

*DEFINITELY not suitable for minors. Barely suitable for majors. Almost unfit for human consumption. Caveat Lector.

EDITED to point STRESS to proper stress file, not cheat sheet…


4 thoughts on “Late to the pixel stained technopeasant party…

  1. I had a look at STRESS! And I find the rules to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Which means that I don’t really understand them. Is this how it works? You have a stat from 1-10 in each of the four suits, and you also have 3-6 cards drawn randomly from the deck. Each round you have a crisis, for example, there’s a gun shot wound and cardiac arrest in A&E but the patient’s boyfriend is refusing a blood transfusion. The crisis spades, size 6. We turn over the top card. It’s the 4S so we turn over another, 9D, giving a total current rating of 19. Crisis player narrates this rather nasty state of affairs saying something about how the boy friend is calling in some friends to hold an impromptu spiritual meeting to help his girlfriend with the power of prayer. PC has 7 in spades, and his hand is JS, 3D, 7C. He plays the JS and the 7C for a total of 7+10+7=24. He beats the current crisis rating by 5 and so lowers it from 19 to 14. Something to do with restricting the number of people in the operating theatre. Play then passes on to the next player. Is that correct? I’m not sure what the stressors and relievers do though.

    1. And now, let;s try linking the correct document (brain hertz)…. editing the main one when it’s up, hold on

    1. Yup, should be prettified now.. though I now have a dark vengeance wished upon the numbered bullets funciton in google docs

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