Obligatory Dream Blog

Last night, it was the comedy movie “The Iranian invasion of Britain”; It was one of my “Sprawling epic” dreams, the full hollywood production, plotline, subplots, the works

I can’t remember many of the cast members (apart from Bob Hoskins as Black Rod), but mostly they were real life MP’s who ended up storming parliament, heaing a popular revolt after women get their economic rights removed, while I had Ahmenidjad in a headlock.

Since the invasion occurred because Des Browne had sent all the troops to the middle east (or possibly Wapping), The payoff was happy children in the streets joining in with the new festival of “Give Des Browne a Darn Good Kicking”

I need a good kip to recover now.


2 thoughts on “Obligatory Dream Blog

  1. Too late for that kip, the BBC are already turning your dream into an opera. But first they’re having a series to recruit someone to play you.

    1. You mean once they’ve finished “any queen will do?” Which I’ve watched 5 minutes of before running away screaming… oh look, another drawn out audition of secret drama school honours graduates. Who sound like musical theatre graduates. In other words, exactly the same folks who would be auditioning whatever. Feel the interactivity.

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