yes, another education story…

… in which I agree with the teachers unions. To an extent.

Yup, the government once again shows it’s priorities for schools are

1) Child minding
2) preparing a workforce
3) making the metrics look better
4) there used to be something about enthusing children to the joy of learning, but since we can’t measure it, tax it or charge for it, forget it.

Meanwhile, oh joy, “I have to get my kids ready for school, get them to school, then pick them up at the end of school” is no longer an excuse not to be paying tax, I mean, earning more.

Couple this with the new wheeze the other week of withdrawing social security payments from parents of 11-16 year olds, and the elimination of home making as a deserving and worthwhile thing to do is further attacked.

How long till someone from the government bleats about family values again? The responsibility of parents to instill values? When’s that supposed to happen, in the half hour a day the family spends together?

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One thought on “yes, another education story…

  1. Yes, thank you! I don’t work (even though we couold use the money, oh boy could we!) becasue I want to bring up my children myself. Nt pay a childminder/nursery to bring them up for me so that i can go out and earn just enough money to pay the childminder/nursery. We are having a children’s centre built in our town, childcare being the main purpose of it, becasue studies apparently show that children whose parents work and therefore aspire to ‘better’ things have a better outcome in life themselves. I grew up in the care of my gran, becuase my divorced mother had to work full time to support all 3 of us. I have a toally shit and resentful relationship with my mother, even though she had no choice and did her best, and didn’t just take the easy benefits option. I’d like my kids to know that they always have a parent there for them when they come home from school.

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