The secret meaning of Spider-Man 2…

Not warning anyone away, because if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re not going to.

So Peter Parker has given up being Spider-Man. He’s been losing his powers anyway in a deeply freudian crisis. He can’t shoot webs, can’t climb walls, is not super strong, has no spider sense.

He’s walking past a building the goes up in flames… people are shouting there’s a kid trapped inside.*

And Peter Parker takes a deep breath… and runs into the building and saves the kid. No webs, no danger sense, no super strength, no wall crawling.

He leaves the building… and beats himself up because there was someone else in the building he didn’t know about who died.

And that’s Peter Parker. And the secret meaning is “You don’t get to dodge the great responsibility by giving up the great power. Not if you’re one of the good guys.”

*For anyone keeping score, he was suckered by Green Goblin in the first film for going into a burning building to save someone.


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