Please, someone, explain to me…

How this is sane or defensible?

Really, top achieving pupil banned from all extra-curricular activities because she won’t do extra classes that she neither wants nor needs?

If you can’t explain, then please form the rest of my post from the following words, as I’m incoherent right now:

Just. Plain. Nuts.
Oh, FFS.

PS kudos to the governor that has quit.

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4 thoughts on “Please, someone, explain to me…

  1. I think it’s commendable that you home school but it’s a bit of a one man crusade isn’t it? Most of us went through mainstream education and we didn’t all turn out bad (although my GNS blindess is an obvious discredit and my German is pretty schlecht). Given the number of people in education, there will be no end to the stories of petty stupidity but these are a vanishingly small proportion. One girl not getting to wear her prom dress is not a disaster, unless of course she chooses to use her powers for evil and become a criminal mastermind.

    1. One man crusade? no, it’s quite a few of us. Now, due to developments in the government moving towards more control of HE’ers, I subscribe to a feed of the BBC’s education stories. And, as with any other feeds I have, if something presses my buttons, I’ll blog about it. I agree, most schools, most heads, most governors, most teachers, are trying to do their best for their pupils, within the constraints imposed on them by an increasingly crazy government. Pointing out this story is NOT about “she should home school, you should home school, if you have kids in school take them out, if you don’t have kids, have kdis, take them out of school.” It’s about a tinpot dictatorship inside one. single. school. It’s about petty stupidity, which really pushes my buttons. Peripherally, it’s about educational rights. It may form part of pattern on my blog which is a mirror of what I see as conventional, mainstream reporting on educational alternatives (the mainstream rarely comments on EHE except in the negative). But mostly, it’s becuase I happened to be looking in that direction when someone did something stupid. And my natural reaction is to point and shout “Would you look at all the stupid over there? man, that’s a whole mess of stupid.” What if you were at work, and they announced everyone had to come in Saturday mornings on top of a full 5 day week? No extra pay, but if you don’t come in, you can’t come to the works do (which you’ve already bought a suit for), you can’t play on the works football team… When you point out you’re already 20% above target compared to everyone else, the company says “No exceptions”. And by the way, for the girl, not going to her prom isn’t a disaster, of course. She can always go to the next one. Oh wait…

  2. I caught wind of this on the BBC news site last night. I was tired, it was late, and I thought perhaps in my inferior capacity to function coherently, that I had merely read into the tale some of my own paranoia about petty-minded dickwads with more power than they are capable of weilding sensibly. But no, apparently I can read things correctly at 2am. I actually wish it weren’t so. It’s a matter of principle, not prom dress. If I were her parents, indeed, if any such thing ever happened to my own kids, the wrath of God would be a picnic compared to my own fury.

  3. My theory pete is that she is very clever so they want to give her “dumbing down” classes to stop her being clever. A school did that to my eldest who as 6 at the time, she had extra reeading classes as she was ahead of everyone and they wanted her to do her SATS early. So she came home with books that had 2 lines per page, yet she was reading Roald Dahl at home!

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