Taking on Greg Laden (in a very superficial way)


Others have done it better but… here goes, one headline taken down at a time.

Home schooling is a way of cheating the system.

The system is cheating many of the children in school. Nuts to the system, we owe “the system” nothing.

Home schooling, on average, provides children with fewer resources of lower quality.

But the gap is narrowing every day, and home ed provides kids with the most valuable educational resource: the motivated attention of an adult. A resource which is stretched to breaking point in most schools.

Home Schooling provides children with lower quality teaching.

Compared to..? A group of folks who only took a PGCE because they didn’t know what they wanted to do? Clock watchers waiting for their pension? The glorified adminstrators that the govt. presently wants compared to passionate teachers?

Home schooling is ideologically driven.

Heh. Of course, state education isn’t. Excuse me while I fall about laughing. The National Curriculum is, by definition, all about ideology. I know, greg’s in the US, but in the UK, we’ve had moves to protect the rights of state funded faith schools to teach creationism in science class.

All education is ideologically driven. it’s a question of whether you trust parents or the state to choose the ideology.

Oversight and testing.

Unless and until one method of education is demonstrably proven to be most effective for all learners, this is going to be a dangerous path to go down. Anyway, I believe in the UK we have a sufficient degree of oversight through the education acts.

So I would ask Greg to apply his tests of Home education critically to public school education. Perhaps, just perhaps, he might see why home ed isn’t as bad as he’s making it look in this one article.

But really, i agree with him about his main thrust, which is probably unique to the US: if you’re going to take tests, if you’re going to claim certification, do what any other legitimate organisation does. Get third party validation.

If you want to play the game, ya gotta follow the rules. Self certification = back end male cow product.

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5 thoughts on “Taking on Greg Laden (in a very superficial way)

    1. Well, let’s get down the the absolute nitty gritty of that: regardless of the quality of the teaching, the education is excellent. Because kids are learning machines, and it takes something terrible to break them. Like sitting them in groups of 20-30 and expecting them not to get exuberant.

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