news from our “lord of the flies” department…

Tackle bullying with revenge by groups of victims

You see, I thought bullying was a sign of disengaged children devolving school into a thuggish underworld because, hey, why should they do anything else? It’s not like it’ll have long term consequences.

Also like the way the report is full of ideas… but also says not enough research has been done about bullying.

Typical New Labour: “Here’s the solution, now, what’s the problem?”

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2 thoughts on “news from our “lord of the flies” department…

  1. I saw that one too, and it went immediately into the “cannot compute” section of my mind, though you have helped to clarify one reason for this! There were plenty of others…eg: this bit… “The report called for schools to record all bullying, including homophobic.” Won’t that be an all consuming job for about 20 specifically tasked workers, in a medium sized school. And how are they going to hear about all of the bullying? Are they going to install CCTVs in every nook and cranny???

    1. And have you heard the bleating from Catholic schools that “Oh well, we don’t need to do that, do we?” Anyway, this is all part of the governments metricomania: if we have measured a problem, we have dealt with it.

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