Now I thought it was mismanagement…

… that had led to overstretched maternity services with a severe lack of trained staff, with midwives doing the obs job, and HCA’s doing the midwives job, leading to a rise in the mortality rate of women in labour for, I believe, the first time in about 60 years or more.

But I was wrong, it wasn’t the government’s fault: it’s the wogs*

*yes, I am adopting Daily Express voice here, for the sarcasm impaired….

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One thought on “Now I thought it was mismanagement…

  1. I’ve actually been wrestling with the idea of training to be a midwife for a few years now, but work placement in my local maternity unit is not a prospect I relish, having had 2 of my children there. It’s not so much a lack of trained staff, as a lack of staff who are consistent in their diagnosis and prognosis. Having had 2 problematic pregnancies, I was never seen by the same midvives/consultants twice in either pregnancy, and I was in and out of the damed place often enough. Prognoses ranged from ‘if you don’t have it now you’re going to die’ to ‘well no, tehnically we can’t make you stay or have an induction, please sign the discharge form’. The place is swarming with trained staff all ignoring each other, and flapping about like the proverbial headless chicke: and midwives who have been delivering babies since the year dot rolling over and going cow-eyed when the consultant, who is hardly out of nappies himself, completely overturns their experiential decision and makes a total hash of it.

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