More mania to fiddle with education…

Learning drop-outs could be fined

Teenagers who drop out of school at 16 and refuse any further
education will face fines or prosecution under new plans to raise the
leaving age.

Yes, if the education system has failed you for 11 years, either let it fail you for another two, or get a criminal record.

age at which children must be in full-time education was raised to 16
in 1972, but, Mr Johnson said, there had been an ambition to raise it
to 18 since World War I.

Heck, there’s been an ambition for a social security system from cradle to grave for sixty years, but that doesn’t get in the way of “modernising” does it?

need to ensure we have the right carrots and sticks in place and to
make sure no youngster would be under the criminal area of the law
unless they are really hardcore and have gone through a fulsome process.

Alan, you’re talking about making it a criminal offense to be out of education or work at the age of 17. Please, please think about that for a minute, and if your reaction isn’t “yes, that sounds fucked up, actually”, I don’t think you should be allowed anywhere near government.

Or alternatively, the young person could be issued with a fixed penalty notice requiring them to pay a fine.

Mr Johnson said a simple £50 fine could be used to enforce attendance “without having to clog up the courts.”

And they get this £50 from….? Because, you know, unemployed, no benefits…

So rather than dealing with the root causes of kids dropping out of education (such as, say, 11 years of failure of the system to educate them, for example?) the government is… BLAMING THE CHILDREN! Sorry, not just blaming them, criminalising them.

We need to ensure we have the right carrots and sticks in place…

Because you’re treating the young like a bunch of asses. I have one suggestion where you can “place” both your carrot and your stick…

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3 thoughts on “More mania to fiddle with education…

  1. Pete (This is Gina from the HE mailing list btw) My eldest is 9, she will be 16 in 2013, she does pottery on a Saturday and when she hits 14 she will be starting her City and Guilds Ceramics 1 (earlier if her tutor can wangle it). This means that at 16 she will have probably completed level 3. At 16 she will either be apprenticed to a pottery locally, where really not much more training can take place, or be self-employed (in the shed). How are they going to work around that? Fine her for running her own business and not doing training? Give her a criminal record for refusing to go to Art College? (as her tutor says, best way to stifle individuality is to go to art college). The mind boggles!

    1. “but, DEAR, we’ve defined people between 16 and 18 as the PROBLEM, not the solution. Please report for ‘re-education’.”

  2. My comment rhymes with ‘Clucking bell’. And now that Mr Brown has well and truly f*cked my family over in this latest budget, we haven’t even got the means to the the god damned hell of this island of lunacy.

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