One for anyone worrying over spelling…

… either theirs or their children’s:

Professional editor says “meh” to difficult words and “inability to spell”

Essentially: by the age of about ten, you’re either going to have got it or not. Sure, you can train yourself alter, but some folks just get it, some folks just don’t. It doesn’t mean you’re clever, dumb, a good or bad writer either way.

But if you’re going to be a copy editor, you’d better damn well be able to do it either on your own or with the help of a handy reference. And the automated spell checker is NOT your friend.


2 thoughts on “One for anyone worrying over spelling…

  1. That’s it exactly. Civilians should try to spell words correctly, but they shouldn’t feel guilty if they still get them wrong. Professional copyeditors, on the other hand, should spontaneously generate bleeding stigmata for every misspelling and bad judgement call. (Yes, I put an “e” in it.)

    1. Firstly, I feel like I just got a surprise visit from internet royalty… I mean, goddamn, sorry about the state of this place. Secondly, to say where I come from in this: I’m a home edder, mostly as a response to increasingly standardised “one size fits all” education system in the UK, and this mania to ensure that everyone can produce perfectly spelt prose by the age of eleven or “we have a problem” is just endemic. Sure, a correct enough spelling is essential to put yourself across as professional, and I wouldn’t dream of sending out, frex, a spec script without having an army of eyes check it for typos (check) first. But to claim it as the balancing point of western civilization as some educators seem to seems silly in the extreme. I’d rather teach my children to express themselves clearly than spell correctly, to set up a completely false dichotomy.

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