The new strategy is “Let us nice middle class people tell you how to raise your children, DEAR”

There’s nothing for it.

I can no longer ascribe their policies and pronouncements to simple misplaced good intentions, or even low grade malice.

This is nothing less than full blown insanity.

We are one step away from the revolutionary leader in “Bananas” declaring that all citizens must change their underwear three times a day, and wear their underwear on the outside to enable the police to check more easily.

This government have constantly and consistently failed the children of this country and are now frantically blaming the parents.

The national curriculum has failed, resulting in an overloaded, bloated morass that depends more on administration than education.

SATS have failed, replacing the old grammar school system which allegedly branded children as losers at aged 11, by branding them at 14, 11, 7, and now every 6 months up to the age of 5.

“Parental choice” has failed, leading to education by postcode lottery, lying about faith, over subscription to “good” schools, entire masses of pupils in “bad” schools being written off.

PFI, the saviour of the public sector, has failed, as education cannot be commoditized, and when the profits dry up, the private sector runs away .

The plan to expand higher education to 50% of the population has only succeeded in devaluing higher education.

With ten years in power, the government can no longer blame the previous incumbents, so now they blame the parents, the same parents who they have continually assured that the only role in their children’s education was the selection of a school twice during their children’s lives… bearing in mind that such “choice” is often illusory.

How dare they, HOW DARE THEY, try to blame parents for the constant and consistent failure of the one thing, the single thing,that the dear leader claimed was at the heart of his initial push to power.

Education, education, education: failure, failure, failure.

A quick word to the government, as regards education: STOP.

Just for six months, stop.

Stop making new guidelines, new initiatives, new laws, just stop, stand still for a small time.

Take some money, give it to independent experts to assess what’s happened in the last ten years. And then listen to them.

Because what you are doing now is madness.


2 thoughts on “The new strategy is “Let us nice middle class people tell you how to raise your children, DEAR”

  1. My 4 year old daughter is about to hit the SOLID BRICK WALL that is state education this September. I thought I was going to be relaxed and idealist about the education she will get, but Im getting more bitter on a daily basis. I suspect I my daughter will be the first child expelled from school not because of their behavior, but rather the conduct of the parent (ME). Pink Floyd was right all along.

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