2 thoughts on “One for the homeschoolers

  1. That’s quite scary. I’ve got this rant that I’m ready to explode about regarding advertising. I’m almost at the tipping point where I’m going to go all arse over elbows and explode like the Death Star because advertising is so frigging predominant in our culture. In a few months when we move to our new house, one of the reasons we’re not getting cable television is because of all the damned advertising on it. To be fair to our kids, they’re pretty good about not being sucked into the whole “see, must want, must have” attitude that comes with merchandising and products these days. They have their moments, but they’re pretty well grounded unless it comes to Star Wars, Legos, Star Wars Legos, or a couple of other particular brands which we let them have access to. We’re what I call a No-Name Family in that when we buy clothes we buy cheaper and unbranded most of the time because we just don’t want to pay lots of money for clothes and then advertise for the company that created it. My hatred of advertising is probably something deep-seated. I hate self-promotion as well, so no doubt I’m wired differently that I should be (according to society). It’s also one reason I’m looking at building a non-profit association for touch providers (massage practitioners etc) that offers online and digitial publications that have NO advertising from third parties (although internal advertising of services/other products as linkage). We want to home school but until the wife gets through university and I can operate a business full-time again on a normal schedule it’s not going to happen. The school system the kids are in is very good and pretty progressive, but it has its issues (from federal mandates regarding rectruiting, to promotion of the school and children in sporting/competition events, to going far too PC when it comes to holidays like Halloween – I think our kids are one of the few that know what Halloween and November 5th are all about and the history behind these dates).

  2. Advertising, and ownership of slogans and sayings has gone beyond a joke now. McDonalds now has a trademark on the words “im loving it” Does that mean the burger-boys are going to come round your house everytime you use the phrase and remind you of who owns those words. I take Bill Hicks’ lead when it comes to advertising, “kill yourself”. Ive watched my darling 3 year-old daughter become a 4 year old “Consumer Whore” who wants everything she sees on TV or in an Argos catalogue, or in a Disney shop. I dont think it is getting any better, business and business models are starting to incorporate advertising as part of their technique to sell previously expensive items. E.g. you could get a full Sky package for £ 40 a month, or you could pay £ 25 a month and it carry more advertising. The next stage of advertising that they are discussing in the Computer Game market is the idea of advertising led gaming. I.e. imagine playing World of Warcraft and trying to purchase some expensive “virtual” weaponry. They are talking about Coca Cola coming in and “buying” that virtual armour on your behalf. Its taking advertising to a new level, and the lowest common denominator will say that the suckers will fall for it every time. I might do a full piece on this another time…

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